Friday, June 8, 2012

well it has been way to long since i have written a post, i figure now is as good as time as any to update everyone on our crazy lives.

For starters.... we are having a BABY!! A baby BOY to be exact :) we couldn't be more excited. we are due September 20th 2012 so that makes me about 6 months pregnant right now. the pregnancy is going very well he and i are both very healthy. some days i cant believe there is going to be a new addition to our little Furman family and cant imagine being a mother but I'm soooo super excited to meet our little guy and to have him in our lives. :) being a mom is going to be a scary new experience but well worth it!!

College... josh graduated from the College of Southern Idaho and we are going to be moving to Logan Utah this fall because he received a full ride scholarship for his grades!! I'm super proud of him and his hard work, for now he is thinking of studying Physical Therapy but is still not 100% sure. I'm excited to move to a new place and settle in and raise our little boy :)

Even Crazier...!! We are living in New Jersey... WHAT?!? that's right New Jersey we packed up the car and moved her 2 days after graduation. it took us 5 days to drive here ( of course we did some sight seeing on the way ) we moved because josh got a summer job down here with a great company selling pest control, and i even got a job in their office as a secretary. its not much but it keeps me busy while josh is out selling door to door.Its been crazy trying to settle into such a new area were we don't know a single person but it has been an adventure for sure. we both miss our families but are excited to be living in a totally new area especially one where we are only 10 miles from New York City and can see the empire state building for the street we live on!! :) with the baby coming soon living here will bring some great opportunities for some amazing once in a lifetime sight seeing.

Well its kinda a fast update I'm sure there is a lot that I'm missing but we are enjoying life and its adventures , and are looking forward to what this summer and fall have planned for us.. we are truly blessed! <3

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bitter Sweet!

So today Josh and I went to the bookstore to buy his ridiculously price calculus book that totaled $165.00 ... FOR ONE BOOK you would think they thought college kids were rich or something! Anyway so then we headed out for our weekly stop at Costco for some cheap pizza, and while we were driving i was talking to josh about his class schedule and it came to me that this is our last semester at CSI which means only 5 more months of Twin Falls. I started to tear up... i have really come to love twin falls, i love the area and the people. Twin has brought me a new outlook on life, it was the first move i made away from home, living on my own, being baptised, and meeting the man of my dreams. what a great 2 years it has been and I'm looking forward to the next 5 months!

... But i just remind myself there is alot more to life and moving away will bring many more blessings to our lives!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Day At Church...

Well... lets just say we spoke to soon!

I was baptized over 2 years ago and have been married and in our current ward for a year next week and i have never had to give a talk. well like i said we spoke to soon, josh and i were talking the otherday and mentioned to ourself that we have never had to talk. WELL.. WHAT DO YOU KNOW we both got pulled aside today and were asked to give a talk in sacrament. Josh is giving a talk the 29th and mine is Feb. 12th. the topic i was given was "Love vs Lust" pretty good topic i think but IM NERVOUS!!! I have started to pull up some articles from the ensign and the scriptures. I have found some great stuff, im hoping all goes well! Wish me luck.. Ill keep you posted :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Look Back...

WOW! What a year.. looking back many great things happened in the year 2011, here are some pictures that capture some happy moments :)

January 2011- Our Wedding!

The Honeymooners... Viva Las Vegas!

Graduating College

 Family Vacation - Bear Lake Utah


Christmas in Boise

such an amazing year thanks to my wonderful husband and family for making it one to remember!